Rosbank Factoring resumes 2016 results

    12 April

RB Factoring is among top factoring players of the Russian market for more than 10 years already. “According to 2016 results Rosbank Factoring remains the leader of the Russian factoring market among the international factoring players, - Jean-Pascal Peltier, CEO of Rosbank Factoring, comments, - Last year we increased the turnover by 42% and the client base by 56% comparing to 2015. We actively cooperate with the major debtors on reverse programs. Thanks to client base development we managed to achieve diversification of our clients portfolio in 2016 also we continue to develop and improve our product offer. We believe that via offering factoring tailor-made solutions to corporate clients of Rosbank, that is one of our main strategies of business development, and thanks to Societe Generale and Rosbank strong commitment to Russian factoring market we will keep our leading position in the future”.


Rosbank Factoring is a 100% subsidiary of Rosbank, dedicated to the full range of factoring solutions, such as recourse, non-recourse, reverse and international factoring. Rosbank Factoring is member of the board of the Russian Association of Factoring Companies, and is a member of Factors Chain International, to provide international factoring transactions all over the world. In 2016, Rosbank Factoring takes 8th position in terms of factoring turnover according to Russian Association of Factoring Companies results.