Rosbank got a status of a processing center in Multiservice Payment System

    17 July

Rosbank acquired a status of a processing center in Multiservice Payment System (payment service “Round”), that provides the services of customs payments to legal entities and individuals – participants of exterior economic activities.

The bank completed all the stages of technical integration with the payment system  and now the product “Processing center for Multiservice Payment System” is provided to all the acting and potential customers of the bank. Rosbank also started providing the processing service to the customers of other banks-participants of the payment system.

“We keep on developing digital solutions for transactional business and we make all of our efforts for our products to comply with customers’ expectations. Thanks to the payment service “Round”, the processes of customs execution will accelerate, the procedure of the payment for customs payments will facilitate and the level of control under the money flow will increase. We plan to provide services to 50% from the whole turnover of MPS”, Sergey Kozelkov, Senior Vice-President – Director of Financial Institution Management Department of Rosbank.

LLC “Multiservice payment system” is an operator of customs payments and complies with all the requirements stated by the Statute of the Government of the Russian Federation as of 30/03/2013 № 285. The company is recognized as a nationally important payment system that provides services for the companies – participants of exterior economic activities.