Rosbank has chosen the «Diasoft» solution for the conduct of internal accounting by the professionals of the securities market

    19 December

“Diasoft” company has finished the implementation project of the product for the conduct of internal accounting by the professionals of the securities market based on the Diasoft FA# Treasury solution in Rosbank. The project was successfully finished before the commencement time of the Statement of the Bank of Russia № 577-P on the 1st of October of 2017.

Rosbank aimed at finding a modern multifunctional solution that could comply with the requirements of the new legislation in the field of the conduct of internal accounting. In particular, it was necessary to expand the list of internal accounting objects, to make the requirements to accounts more specific, to change the order of accounting of the number of operations, to realize register conducting rules and to other innovations take into account.

Earlier the system of securities operations accounting on financial markets Diasoft FA# Treasury was implemented in the bank, that is why the component of the same system was chosen for the conduct of internal accounting. The functionality of the new product allows the bank not only to conduct operation days of internal accounting, to grant reports to the client, to conduct matching and to form discrepancy acts that are required by the regulator, but also to use it for the conduct of efficient control of execution of the operations with securities.

“Pilot implementation of the new product is always accompanied with many aspects that require understanding and patience from the customer. And here we were into luck. We interacted very closely with Rosbank team: conference calls with obligatory attendance of all the participants of both teams were carried out every day for several weeks. We learned to hear each other very quickly and managed to oust all the difficulties that we had to confront with while implementing the project. We thank Rosbank team for a deep involvement into the project and the result-oriented approach. The feedback and constructive remarks helped us to improve the new product and prepare it for a fast and successful implementation in every bank,” - noted Anjelica Boronenkova, Leading Manager of “Diasoft” projects, Head of the project in Rosbank.