Rosbank has organized the first Hackathon

    28 March

From March 24 to 26, the first Hackathon of Rosbank* was held in Moscow on the Deworkacy space, where 15 teams were creating prototypes of fintech-products within 6 different issues in 48 hours. According to the results of Hackathon three teams were awarded which shared the 500,000 rubles prize pool.

During the qualifying round were considered applications from 91 teams and applications from single developers, designers and marketing specialists were considered as well, 15 teams were qualified. Rosbank proposed 6 directions within which teams could present their projects: gamification, geolocation, artificial intelligence, loans uberization, smart real estate selection and augmented reality.

In Jury of Hackaton were 8 representatives of Societe Generale Group in Russia:

  • Arnaud Denis, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board - Member of the Management Board, Rosbank;
  • Natalia Konkina, Member of the Management Board – Operational Director, Rosbank;
  • Denis Sotin, Member of the Management Board -  IT Director, Rosbank;
  • Elena Bronnikova, Change Management Director, Rosbank;
  • Victoria Selezneva, Retail Channels Development Director, Rosbank;
  • Viktor Fedosov, IT Director, Rusfinance Bank;
  • Nadezhda Korobkova, Head of Marketing and Innovation Department, SGI;
  • Alexey Lola, Head of Marketing Department, DeltaCredit Bank.

On March 24, each team qualified for the final met with employees of the Societe Generale Group in Russia who were their mentors and experts and became part of the teams for 48 hours helping participants in the development of their ideas. On March 25 and 26, on the Deworkacy space, the finalists were creating prototypes of their finteck-products. The finished project had to be launched in a virtual environments provided by Rosbank. The results were evaluated by the jury based on six criteria: usefulness of the idea, commercial success, design, technical solution, integration possibilities, presentation quality.

The winners of Hackathon are:

  • 1st place – «Rambler Digital Solutions» team, area "Artificial Intelligence". Participants won 250 000 rubles for creating a service for cashback-offers targeting from retail outlets to the bank customers. Captain: Dmitry Zimin;
  • 2nd place -  «AirTips» team, area "Geolocation". Participants won 150,000 rubles for developing a platform for creation and displaying of personalized offers to the bank customers based on their geolocation and behavioral factors. Captain: Dmitry Makeev;
  • 3rd place – «Dream Team» team, area "Gamification". Participants won 100,000 rubles for developing a corporate portal for bank employees, which offers an opportunity to track performance indicators of employees and departments, including competitive elements. Captain: Dmitry Baranov.

"Hackathon is a unique 48-hours marathon that uniting of progressive fintech-developers within one space. This was our first experience, and we are considering it as successful. During this time we received not only priceless ideas but also innovative tools that will improve the efficiency of our services", mentioned Elena Bronnikova, Change Management Director of Rosbank.

* Hackathon is an event where developers, designers and managers collaborate intensively on software projects. They create the project within 48 hours and present it to potential employers / investors.