Rosbank held the first “College de Futur”

    01 November

Rosbank held the first ever “College de Futur” in its history. It was the most innovative event of this autumn for payroll and corporate clients and their children.

Young students of “College de Futur” could try on professions of the future from different spheres that will be in-demand by 2025 like arctic navigations, game practice, IT-medicine, science art and home robot engineering. Parents could attend lectures on psychology, cinema history and the greatest scientific discoveries of our time. Despite the uniqueness of the professions of the future, that were taught to young students in “College de Futur”, all the traditional attributes of student life were also included: marks were put in a mark book, the graduates got the diplomas after the end of studies, and square caps flew in the air.

The first “College de Futur” of Rosbank received only positive feedback from the participants and Rosbank plans to keep holding such events aimed at innovational development and search for new approaches to the upbringing of the future generation.