Rosbank implemented a Host-to-Host technology for PJSC MMC “Norilsk Nickel”

    18 July

Rosbank and “Nornickel” shifted the interaction of IT systems onto the digital platform Host-to-Host, developed with the specialists of Rosbank and “Nornickel” in association with “BDO Unicon Business Solutions”.

Host-to-Host technology provides a high-speed secured data exchange directly between SAP corporate system of “Nornickel” and a Host-to-Host service of the bank.

The treasury of “Nornickel” got the opportunity to send payment documents almost instantly and to receive statements on settlement accounts that were opened in Rosbank. The shift to Host-to-Host technology not only improves the operational efficiency and security of payments but also facilitates internal processes and further it will provide for the launch of completely new digital business scenarios of interaction with banks and counterparts.

The future plans for the development of the solution include the shift to Host-to-Host mode of subsidiaries and branches of “Nornickel” and a significant extension of functionality.

“We provide our customers with advanced solutions that facilitate business operations and an interaction with a bank. Rosbank team did a great job within the project for “Norilsk Nickel”, document exchange in ISO20022 format was realized, a comprehensive joint test of the integration of “Nornickel” system with a Host-to-Host service of the bank”, Alexey Yasakov, Director of Corporate and Investment Business Digital Solutions Center of Rosbank.

“Thanks to the shift to Host-to-Host technology with Rosbank, we expect a significant economy of operational expenses of the company via the acceleration, facilitation, service quality improvement and transparency of a typical business process of a daily processing of bank documents. For example, an automated distribution of final bank statements was put into service within Host-to-Host solution. We will give up doing several daily routine operations. This project is an important step in the realization of our strategy on the building of fully digital treasury”, Alexander Gavrilov, Director of Treasury Department of PJSC MMC “Norilsk Nickel”.

“We work systematically on the formation of a full-fledged digital ecosystem in Treasury function. A successful shift to Host-to-Host technology with Rosbank shows the readiness to implement modern technologies rapidly and efficiently that are required for the work of new business-services and efficiency improvement”, Alexey Kovtunov, Director of Project Office of Transformation of PJSC MMC “Nornickel”.

“The objective on the integration of work scenarios with Host-to-Host service of Rosbank into the current business processes of the Treasury of “Nornickel” was completed in short term, less than four months, including the adaptation of typical scenarios of interaction and a comprehensive test of the solution. The rapid work pace was mainly due to the experience of the team for the realization of bank B2B solutions on SAP platform”, Andrey Yakimenko, Head of SAP of JSC “BDO Unicon Business Solutions”.