Rosbank in collaboration with TKB Investment Partners (JSC) offers structured trust management for premium clients

    19 February

Rosbank offered clients a new investment product - structured trust management. The product was developed by analysts of the Societe Generale Group together with the managing company TKB Investment Partners (JSC), one of the oldest and most reliable players in the Russian market of trust asset management.

Thus, Rosbank's customers can complete their financial portfolio with a medium-term instrument, close in reliability to a bank deposit, but potentially more profitable.

Damien Leclercq

Director of Retail Products and Marketing Department

The new product is an important new addition to the Rosbank retail investment line. We look forward to provide a full range of opportunities for our clients to place their funds. Our product was developed taking into account the international expertise of Societe Generale in the investment market, as well as customer expectations in terms of convenience, profitability and risk level.

The product is a combination of conservative financial instruments and a derivative financial instrument on the SG Dragons basket - consisting of shares of four well-known European companies that received a positive outlook from analysts of the Societe Generale Group.

By the time the product term expires at the expense of the conservative financial instruments of the portfolio, the client does not risk the sum of the invested funds.

Moreover, the strategy involves the annual accrual of coupons (with payment at the end of the term), subject to the established barriers. At the same time, there is a “memory effect” of coupons, when a client, for example, receives a coupon for the entire validity period of the strategy in full, even if the quotes were in the specified conditions only at the end of the strategy.

In February, the product began to spread in the 21 offices of Rosbank in Moscow and soon will be available to all Premium customers. The detailed information about the product and how to purchase it can be found here.