Rosbank in Yekaterinburg summed up the results of retail business in 2017

    29 March

In 2017 saving accounts and credit cards were the most popular bank products among the residents of Sverdlovsk Region.

Following the results of 2017, the growth of urgent deposit portfolio of the residents of the region increased by 66%. The most popular deposit was “150 years of reliability”. The most frequent period for the money allocation on deposits was 6 months. The average deposit amount was 1 million rubles. In 2017 the residents of the region chose deposits with maximum profitability without the opportunity of partial withdrawal of money or replenishment of the deposit.

Rosbank saving account portfolio showed a 5-times increase in Sverdlovsk Region. The residents of the region were interested mostly in those products that allow to work with money online: to transfer from card to account and vice versa, partially withdraw money anytime without percentage loss. The safety of money had a special significance while choosing a saving account: the money placed on saving accounts is protected from possible credit card fraud due to the fact that it is placed on the account but not on the card of a client.

Apart from the deposit portfolio growth, as a result of 2017, unsecured customer loan portfolio “Just money without security” increased by 61%. Moreover, the residents of the region opened 2 times more credit cards in 2017 than in 2016. The most popular card was “Classic credit card” of Rosbank with a grace period up to 62 days.

The year of 2017 was the beginning of the implementation and development of L’Hermitage Private Banking in Yekaterinburg. Money volume allocated by wealthy Rosbank clients on their accounts increased two times and amounted 1 billion rubles. However, deposit volume practically did not change. It can be caused by the rise of the clients’ demand for alternative financial products with more attractive profitability. Moreover, money volume on current accounts of wealthy clients increased more than ten times that is caused by both agile tariff policy of the bank and almost doubling of the number of clients of this category in Yekaterinburg.

“In 2017 we noticed positive dynamics of the business in retail segment. If we grew slower than the market in general in the previous year, this year we are ahead of the market. As the main growth factors in 2017 we can distinguish the improvement of product offer of the bank and the change of client priorities while choosing a credit organization. We can assure that in the previous year the most significant factors in the bank choice for all the client categories along with beneficial conditions were its reliability, rating position, stability of its position in the region”, Irina Shipova, Director of territorial office of Rosbank in Yekaterinburg.

Moreover, on March 15, 2018, the results of the work of the whole Societe Generale Group in Russia (Rosbank, DeltaCredit Bank, Rusfinance Bank and their subsidiaries) were summed up in the framework of federal press conference.

In 2017 the Group showed a sustainable growth in all the business directions in Russia, gaining net income of 10,4 billion rubles that exceeds the results of 2016 in 3,4 times. Retail loan portfolio of the Group increased by 7,4%. The growth in fund amount of individuals is 20%. The given rates are significantly ahead of the market that performed 8,6% growth in the deposits of individuals.

Rosbank is 18th (getting up on 16 positions) in the rating of small and mid-cap business lending, according to the results of the research of Russian small and mid-cap lending market for the first half of 2017, that was conducted by RAEX rating agency (“Expert RA”).

The Group remains on its leading positions in mortgage and car lending due to the high rates of specialized subsidiary banks, namely DeltaCredit Bank and Rusfinance Bank.

Earlier in 2017, Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) assigned the highest credit rating on AAA (RU) level with “stable” forecast to the banks of Societe Generale Group in Russia.