Rosbank increased a deposit portfolio of small business by 43% in 2017

    19 February

As a result of 2017, Rosbank business direction of small business showed growth of all the key rates. Thanks to attractive conditions, a deposit portfolio of small business and individual entrepreneurs showed a growth rate on the level of 43%. The amount of money on current accounts of clients increased more than by 20% in comparison with 2016, working loan portfolio increased by 14%.

More than 4 600 small business clients were attracted on service only in December. It reflects a positive dynamics. This figure exceeds the number of clients attracted monthly in the 1st half of 2017 in more than 2 times.

The growth became possible due to the strengthening of small business service direction in the bank, namely a new Small Business Department was formed with Maxim Lukyanovich as a Head, a new model of sales and service was implemented in July 2017 that is based on systematic work with potential and current clients. Rosbank acquired new technological solutions, developed a transparent and effective employee motivation system and updated a product offer.

“Last year we started realizing a new development strategy of small business segment that implied a strong focus on this segment and an ambitious growth of the number of active clients. We look positively on the first results of the implementation of a new business model and especially the growth in client attraction. In the meantime we succeeded in keeping a high-quality service for small business companies in Rosbank. I am sure that new products and services, that we will launch in 2018 both in lending and in transaction service, will foment the collaboration with clients and boost the attraction of new companies and entrepreneurs”, Maxim Lukyanovich, Director of Small Business Department.

A detailed information on special offers for small business is presented on the website in the section “For small business and entrepreneurs”