Rosbank increased its share on foreign letters of credit three times in H1 2019

    25 July

During H1 2019, foreign letters of credit market share of Rosbank increased up to 18% against 5,8% in 2018.

Such a result and higher growth rates in comparison with the market in general can be explained not only by large structural deals with corporate customers on equipment import, but also by the active work with medium business. On the whole, Rosbank marks a growing demand for this financial tool from different customers.

The total volume of trade finance deal portfolio and documentary operations as of the end of June 2019 increased by 17% in comparison with the data for the end of the last year.

“Rosbank gradually increases its share on the market of foreign letters of credit. Being a part of Societe Generale Group, we have an advantage while collaborating with companies that carry oit external economic activities. The bank plans to develop the business in trade finance segment actively as well as increasing its share on this highly competitive market’, Alexey Ievlev, Corporate Director of Rosbank.