Rosbank introduced express guarantee service for corporate businesses and entrepreneurs to participate in public procurement

    09 December

Rosbank that develops services in the field of trade finance and documentary business actively, introduced a new product: express guarantees for participation of corporate businesses and entrepreneurs in transactions subject to Federal laws 44 FZ, 185 FZ and 223 FZ .

Express guarantees of the bank are available to all participants of the public procurement market in Russia, including users of the online marketplace of financial products of the all-Russian Business Center. The product is aimed at both new and existing clients of Rosbank, whose licenses and ratings, in turn, are acceptable for any type of state-owned companies acting as clients.

Rosbank provides the service without collateral, guarantors and the need to open a current account. At the first stage of the project, the maximum amount of the guarantee is 50 million rubles, the validity period is up to 38 months.

On the all-Russian Business Center marketplace, Rosbank express guarantees are presented under the name "remote bank guarantees". Product underwriting is fully automated and electronic document management is provided. Due to this, the application process takes only 10 minutes, and the registration procedure takes from 2 hours. The most popular types of guarantees are provided: for the performance of the contract, for securing the application, and for warranty obligations.

"I am confident that Rosbank will soon become a key player providing digital services for participants of the state contract program. We are developing actively remote service channels that allow us to optimize the participation of business entities in this program significantly. We see a great potential for cooperation in this area with the IBC, given that integration with the marketplace expands the coverage and scalability of guarantee products for legal entities and entrepreneurs", Sergey Kozelkov, First Vice President of Corporate Business Domain of Rosbank.

"Rosbank's strategy is aimed at improving the quality of client service and reaching a leading position in the field of innovation", Semyon Tenyaev, Founder and CEO of the VBC Group. – And as part of this strategy, we offered the bank the best fintech solution on the market. And we are happy to offer our clients products from one of the most reliable Russian banks, whose guarantees are accepted by any client."

Over the past year, Rosbank's portfolio of public procurement deals for large and medium-sized companies has increased by more than 150%. Details are available here.