Rosbank is included in the program of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia for preferential lending of digital transformation for companies

    18 November

Rosbank is included as an authorized bank in the program of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications of the Russian Federation on preferential lending to companies for the implementation of digital transformation tasks, as well as preferential factoring for software developers.

Under the terms of the program, both private and state-owned companies will be able to get loans with a reduced interest rate from Rosbank. The main requirement for borrowers is to use funds for digital transformation based on Russian IT products and services. The loan rate will be from 1% to 5% with a total amount of up to 5 billion rubles for a project and up to 10 billion rubles for programs that include several projects. The total cost of purchasing Russian IT solutions should be at least 60% of the total project budget.

Rosbank clients will have access to preferential financing for the purchase of software, results of intellectual activity (licenses, patents) and computer equipment for the implementation of design solutions, as well as for the commissioning of software and hardware complexes. The budget can be used for purchasing components, equipment parts, certification, and licensing. Payment for labor, services of third-party organizations involved, purchase of necessary supplies and a number of other expenses related to digital transformation are also possible for the payment with borrowed funds of the bank.

"Rosbank Group has many years of experience in participating as a partner in state programs of preferential lending in Russia. We are pleased to support the initiative of the Ministry of  Digital Development of Russia aimed at innovative transformation of both individual companies and the Russian economy as a whole. We expect that preferential financing will be in demand among developers of domestic software solutions, as well as a wide range of market participants engaged in digital business modernization", Evgeny Ilyin, Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Domain of Rosbank.

According to Dmitry Nikitin, Director of the IT Industry Development Department of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, this measure is aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of Russian companies, as well as supporting domestic software developers and software hardware complexes. The development of a mechanism for preferential lending was carried out by the Ministry of Digital Development and representatives of the banking sector and IT companies, so that the lending tool turned out to be as clear and attractive as possible.

The mechanism of preferential lending through authorized banks was developed by the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia within the federal project "Digital technologies" of the national program "Digital economy".

The program will be active till 2024 inclusive.