Rosbank is warning: do not give one-time passwords from SMS to fraudsters

    09 July

If you take an incoming call and a person asks any passwords, codes, account numbers and card numbers, just stop the conversation and call to the bank.

Dear customers,

Fraudsters that introduce themselves as employees of a bank, payment system or a mobile service provider during the phone call and try to get one-time passwords from their interlocutor at any cost have become active. 

Moreover, the part of the calls is carried out with the change of a phone number via a virtual server the way that the official phone number of the bank is displayed on the screen. Please take into account that frauds can call you by your name, use bank terminology, use the methods of psychological abuse. In most of the cases, frauds tell the person that their card is blocked or broken, that operations are carried out with their account or that money were charged off the account. More than that, in some cases frauds imitate the interaction via an interactive voice menu or with a robot. Do not trust these calls!

Rosbank and other financial organizations’ employees never ever ask for CVC/CVV-code (three numbers on the back side of the card), the contents of one-time SMS-passwords, a password for Internet and mobile bank, and the numbers of bank accounts and bank cards. This information is only of any use to frauds to conduct operations with your bank card and account in criminal purposes.

In case during the phone conversation or texting someone asks you this information, break up the conversation and call to the bank: 8 800 200 54 34 (it is also written on the back side of your bank card or on the official website) and tell us about the incident.