Rosbank issues MIR payment cards

    27 February

Rosbank has offered Russian payment system MIR debit card to the new and existing customers. There are two MIR national payment system card categories available for bank customers: Classic and Premium. Classic card is available at any bank service package, and higher level card will be offered "Premium" package owners. The card account opens in rubles, and you can pay with the card on the entire territory of Russian Federation. The card will be valid for three years, card service as part of a banking services package is free.

“We believe that cards will be in demand primarily with the budget organizations’ employees who will apply for them as for salary cards and also with those who travel through Russia and use card to pay mostly on the territory of our country. “MIR” cards is a strategically important project which will increase the number of cashless transactions in the whole country and make such payments even more credible.” - Michael Chamrov, Retail products and Marketing Department Director comments.

“Rosbank is represented in more than 70 regions of Russia. Now national financial product implementing modern technologies for comfortable everyday card-using is available for bank’s customers. National cards accepting network is expanding, now you can pay with them in 85% of merchants across the country. We are sure that “MIR” car will be found interesting by the widest audience.” - Sergey Radchenko, NSPK Commercial Director, notices.

“MIR” is a Russian national payment cards system, established in 2015. Last year Rosbank began to accept “MIR” cards in their ATMs. ”MIR” cardholders can withdraw cash, check the balance and change the PIN code in the entire Rosbank ATM network which has more than 2,300 units across Russia.