Rosbank joined the campaign to support children with ICP

    02 October

To celebrate the International ICP Day, Rosbank together with the charity fund “Podarok Angelu” and Smetana creative agency helped children with ICP to create a unique font that is called “Dobroshrift”. Dobroshrift is a means of visual expression of help and support to children with ICP.

Letters of the font were drawn by the wards of “Podarok Angelu” fund in special copybooks as a part of rehabilitation activities.

Then, the specialists of font design studio Paratype converted those symbols into a full-fledged font. The file of the font is available on the website

According to the conception, Dobroshrift should substitute the common fonts in logos, commercials, communications and products and draw attention to the problem of ICP. It can be useful at any place where the text can be found: from any inscriptions in the city environment to the posts in social media. Rosbank is one of the first that changed the font to Dobroshrift on its official website for two weeks.

Rosbank as a socially responsible financial institution makes a lot of effort to support those in need. We think that the popularization of such a creative tool as a unique font created by the children with infantile cerebral paralysis, can draw public attention and inspire a big audience to help children with ICP”, Elena Kozhadey, Director of Communications and Advertising Department.

You can read the stories of children who created the symbols of the font, download Dodroshrift, buy goods with Dobrshrift and make a donation that will be used for the rehabilitation of children with ICP. 100% of collected money will be transferred to “Podarok Angelu” fund to support children with ICP and their families: for physical and logopedic rehabilitation, medicines, special furniture, clothes and financial support.