Rosbank L’Hermitage Private Banking is on the 2nd place in client service quality

    25 February

Frank RG analytical agency named the best Russian banks on private banking market following the results of 2019. Rosbank  L’Hermitage Private Banking was ranked the 2nd in client service quality, climbing one more position up in the rating in comparison with the previous year.

12 programs for private capital service of 11 Russian banks were studied in the “Private banking in Russia 2019” research.

“The research has shown that wealthy clients consider reliability and client service quality as the most important factors for the choice of the bank in a private segment. During the research, the clients were surveyed by the bank as well as side financial organizations.  Reliability and client service quality in L’Hermitage Private Banking got the highest mark from the clients in both cases. We are glad that the research data of Frank RG agency correspond with our own information: our clients marked VIP client service quality 9,5 out of 10 average”, Ulan Ilishkin, Deputy CEO of Rosbank, Head of L’Hermitage Private Banking.

The results of Frank RG research showed that Russian private banking market continues to grow. The number of wealthy people in Russia with the capital from 1 million dollars (NHWI segment – high-net-worth-individual) increased up to 37 000 people in 2019 (in 2018 there were 31 000 ones and in 2017 – 25 000). The investment portfolio volume in private banking sector grew by 18% during the year, at the same time, the portfolio of L’Hermitage Private Banking clients increased by more than 60%.

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