“ROSBANK-О'KEY MASTERCARD” the most profitable card for purchases

    28 February

“Sravni.ru” news portal called “ROSBANK-О'KEY MASTERCARD” the most profitable card to make purchases in supermarkets. They ranked top-20 cards that allow you to save when paying for food. Portal has analyzed debit cards of 100 Russian the largest banks by the assets at the beginning of 2017 and chose the offers with the biggest amount of bonuses or rubles for purchases in amount of 30 000 rubles per month.

“ROSBANK-О'KEY MASTERCARD” card, allowing you to collect points and pay with them, heads the banks’ special offers for Russian trading networks rating. If you monthly spend with the card 30 000 rubles in "О’KEY" shops, you will accumulate 24690 points that are equivalent to the same amount in rubles. Maximum cashback on this card is 7% provided that you make purchases in amount no less than 3000 rubles in “О’KEY”. The accumulated points can be used to pay for purchases in “О’KEY”, meanwhile no less than 1 ruble should be paid with cash or bank card.