Rosbank offered 6 months of free service to entrepreneurs

    01 November

Rosbank offered up to 6 months of free service for customers-representatives of small business opening the service pack “White” within the campaign “Openings Time”.

After opening an account, a customer gets access to modern systems of remote service, FEA consulting, preferential lending terms and special offers by financial partners of the bank, apart from 6 months of free service.

“The most difficult part in every business, in particular, in such an essential one as the launch of your own enterprise, is to start. In order for the start to go smoothly, we offer up to half a year of free service to our customers after opening an account in Rosbank. We consider small business one of the main drivers of a healthy economy, that is why we try to make the conduct of business maximum comfortable for our customers”, Dmitry Smirnov, Director of Small Business Department of Rosbank.

The offer is active from 01.11.2019 to 31.12.2019

Find out more information about the terms on the special webpage on the bank website.