Rosbank offered digital cards to customers

    29 August

Rosbank started issuing digital bank cards – debt embossed card without physical medium. From now, Rosbank customers can issue a digital card for a couple of seconds in Internet Bank or in a mobile app Rosbank Online to a current account in rubles, US dollars or euro. Depending on the customer’s service pack, a digital card can be classic, gold and premium issued by Visa or MasterCard.

Digital card can offer the whole scope of operations available with plastic cards with NFC: contactless payment for goods and services in real-life and online shops via Apple Pay, Google Pay and using the card requisites, cash withdrawal, payment for utilities and money transfers in ATMs with a contactless module as well as a full list of operations in Rosbank Online, including card-to-card and Fast Payment System transfers.  An important advantage of the card is that Visa #MozhnoVSE card can also be issued as a digital card and it means that customers will receive cashback and travel bonuses for purchases by this card.

“We aim at providing customers with cutting-edge banking solutions and a digital card is one of them. It is a convenient tool for those who value their time and are not ready to waste it on the waiting for the card embossing and for those who do not like their wallets to be overloaded with plastic. We hope that the digital card will become a useful addition to acting online services and products of Rosbank and will be in demand by our customers,” Damien Leclercq, Director of Retail Products and Marketing Department of Rosbank.