Rosbank offered online refinancing to payroll clients

    20 February

Rosbank introduced a new product, online refinancing. The service is available for payroll clients of the bank in ROSBANK Online.

Using online refinancing, a client can refinance up to 5 loans of different banks for the sum up to 1 500 000 rubles where those loans can be consumer as well as mortgage, car loans and credit cards. Moreover, while applying for the service, a client has an opportunity to get extra funds that are more than necessary for refinancing of loans.

“We always expand the scope of services that can be used online by our clients via the mobile app or Internet bank. Thanks to a new service of online refinancing, a client saves a lot of time: there is no need to visit the office, collect documents and certificates – the whole process is fully automatic and it takes 15 minutes maximum. While applying for the service, a client instantly sees what loans and in what banks they can refinance, and how monthly burden will reduce after the refinancing of the chosen loans. We will transfer money to pay for loans to other banks ourselves; a client just has to specify the name of the bank and a current account number”, Alexey Lola, Retail Director, Member of the Management Board of Rosbank.

All the terms of online refinancing are similar to the terms of traditional loan refinancing in Rosbank. Follow the link to learn more about them in the section “Terms and requirements”.