Rosbank offered up to 6 months of free service to entrepreneurs

    06 November

As part of the “Successful moment” campaign, Rosbank offered legal entities and individual entrepreneurs new opportunities for free service.

For example, clients can get up to 6 months of free service when originating the "Affordable start" service pack, up to 3 months of the "Nothing extra" and "Serious approach" packs, and up to 2 months of the "Broad opportunities" pack.

When opening an account, the client also gets free access to a new mobile and internet bank for entrepreneurs, the ability to issue a business card with a bonus program enabled, as well as many useful services for business.

"Rosbank is developing services actively and creating new opportunities to support entrepreneurs in the current environment. We offer our clients up to six months of free service when opening a current account with Rosbank. The line of packs within the "Successful moment" campaign is one of the most interesting offers on the market, which opens access to the widest range of banking products and innovative services", Dmitry Smirnov, Director of Small Business Department of Rosbank.

The promotion campaign is valid from 01/11/2020 till 31/12/2020.