Rosbank offered updated programs for tax and legal support to customers

    16 May

Rosbank and National Legal Service AMULEX offers the individuals updated programs  of tax and legal support for the old price.

The option of remote tax certificate submission was added to all the programs. The specialist of a company-supplier of the service submits a tax declaration or tax deduction statement signed by e-signature of the customer to Federal Tax Service.

Tax Support certificate is active during the year and includes an oral legal consultation in any issue considering the taxation of individuals 4 times a year; help in the filling in of tax declaration and getting tax deductions; 3-times 24/7 urgent legal consultation considering all the legal issues, except entrepreneurship; providing with more than 100 template agreements, law suits, warrants and other documents that are available in the “Personal Account”- a personal section in the website of the company ( You can get and submit documents, ask questions and get a consultation of lawyers via “Personal Account”. Moreover, the audio recordings of consultations are also available in the “Personal Account”. The price for the certificate is 3500 rubles per year.

An advanced certificate “Personal Lawyer+Taxes” is also offered to customers. It includes extra options as “Talk with my lawyer”, an official call of the lawyer on behalf of the customer as well as increased number of claims considering legal and tax issues. The price for advanced certificate is 5500 rubles per year.

“Tax Support” and “Personal Lawyer+Taxes” programs are available on Rosbank website (in “Insurance” section) as well as in the mobile app and Internet-bank in “New product” section.

You can buy the certificates in Rosbank outlets as well. Find out more about the service and the terms of its execution in Rosbank outlets by following the link or by calling Call Center of the bank: 8-800-200-54-34 (24/7, the call is free of charge in the regions of the bank footprint).

National Legal Service AMULEX is the largest system of 24/7 legal consultations in Russia that was recognized three times as “Legal Consultant of the Year” in 2013, 2015 and 2016. The company staff consists of more than 300 lawyers. Starting from 2010, AMULEX specialists helped to defend rights, save time, nerves and money of more than 1,5 million customers from 1 840 settlements of Russia. During the year of 2016, the customers of National Legal Service AMULEX saved about 570 million rubles thanks to the lawyers’ recommendations.