Rosbank Offers a Massive Cashback for the Goods for Children

    31 July

Беларусбанк, крупнейшее универсальное системообразующее финансово-кредитное учреждение Республики Беларусь, 27 июля привлек синдицированный кредит на общую сумму 60 млн евро. Росбанк выступил в качестве одного из ведущих организаторов сделки.

Синдицированное кредитование будет предоставлено траншами на срок до 1,5 лет. Беларусбанк планирует использовать полученные средства на общекорпоративные цели и финансирование торговых контрактов клиентов.

Организаторами сделки выступили 9 финансовых институтов, включая Росбанк. 

«Мы ценим доверие, оказанное Росбанку крупнейшим банком Республики Беларусь. Сделка направлена на поддержку развития бизнеса нашего партнёра в текущих нестабильных условиях и реализована с учетом опыта одной из крупнейших финансовых групп в Европе Societe Generale. Мы надеемся, что эта сделка станет залогом дальнейшего плодотворного сотрудничества», – прокомментировала первый заместитель председателя правления Росбанка Перизат Шайхина.

From July 5 to September 30 of 2020, Rosbank offers extra 25% cashback for the goods for children to #MOZHNOVSE cardholders. 25% cashback is given for every transaction in the category “The best for children-25%”*. It includes such goods as children’s wear, school supplies and stationary, toys, games, hobby and art equipment. In the current category “For parents”, cashback is given in the same amount – up to 10%  depending on expenditures.

In total 11 categories for extra cashback are offered to #MOZHNOVSE cardholders: “For car owners”, “For parents”, “Pharmacies”, “For gamers”, “Cafes and restaurants”, “Beauty”, “Leisure and entertainment”, “Flowers”, “Duty Free”, “Taxi and public transport” and “Goods for home”. 1% cashback is given for other purchases.

The card also gives the opportunity to get travel bonuses instead of cashback. Those users who choose travel bonuses receive from 1 to 5 points for every 100 rubles (depending on the amount spent since the beginning of the month) and are able to pay for their future trip in part or in whole. A client can do this directly in Rosbank Online app by going to “Rosbank – OneTwoTrip” travel booking portal without registration. The bonus type and categories of extra cashback can be changed every month**.

"We are happy that cashback in the category "The best for children-25%" is available during the rush period for most parents: the time of preparation for the school year and in September, when additional clubs and sections start working. I am sure that clients will appreciate the advantages of using the #MOZHNOVSE card, which can be either debit or credit, depending on the user's needs", - commented Lidia Kashirina, Deputy Director of Retail Client Solutions and Digital Business Department of Rosbank.

*Cashback 5% is given for any debit card VISA #MOZHNOVSE  transactions in the category “The best for children – 25%’ during the period of the Action “The best for children”,05.07.2020 - 30.09.2020. Cashback – reimbursement of money. The Action is organized by PJSC ROSBANK .

**The cashback amount of the selected card with the option chosen for any goods – 1%, extra cashback depends on the total sum of monthly expenditures: 0-10 000 ₽ – 1%, 10 000 - 40 000 ₽ – 2%, 40 000 - 100 000 ₽ – 5%, 100 000 - 300 000 ₽ – 10%, if the total sum is more than 300 000 ₽ – 1%. The amount of travel-bonuses received on the selected card with the option chosen for every 100 ₽ depends on the total sum of monthly expenditures: 0 - 40 000 ₽ – 1 bonus, 40 000 – 100 000 ₽ – 2 bonuses, 100 000 – 300 000 ₽. – 5 bonuses, if the sum is more than 300 000 ₽ – 1 bonus. Every month no more than 5000₽ /travel-bonuses can be received on one card and no less than 100 ₽ on one card  (in case the necessary total sum of expenditures is made during the period).

The full terms are on можновсё.рф. PJSC ROSBANK. CBR Licence #2272 from 28.01.2015