Rosbank offers a new saving account #MozhnoSCHYOT to customers

    01 April

A saving account called #MozhnoSCHYOT has become available for Rosbank customers with increased interest rates up to 8% per year in rubles with monthly capitalization.

To open #MozhnoSCHYOT, a customer has to apply for service package where the link-up to #MozhnoVSE loyalty program is included. The customer can have any category of the package as the single interest rate was established for all the packages. It is possible to open #MozhnoSCHYOT and manage it anytime using Rosbank Online as well as in Rosbank offices.

A differentiated scale for counting interests is used for #MozhnoSCHYOT: the sum on the account is divided in parts and for each of them their own interest rate is added on (in percents per year). There are no limits for time period  and the sum on the account, cash-in and withdrawal for any sum is carried out without losing interests.

“At the end of the last year, Rosbank offered its customers a #MozhnoVSE card with cashback and travel-bonuses that can be managed online. We expand the service line available for the holders of #MozhnoVSE packs and we are glad to present  and new saving account #MozhnoSCHYOT. It is  an optimal tool for saving on purpose –the bigger the sum on the account, the higher the interest that is added on this sum. A customer gets a significant profit from using the products of this line in addition to bonuses of #MozhnoVSE card”, Arnaud Denis, First Deputy CEO of Rosbank.

Learn more about a #MozhnoSCHYOT saving account by following the link.