Rosbank offers «Healthcare without borders. Premium»

    17 January

Rosbank offers its clients a new extended program to provide medical insurance «Healthcare without borders. Premium» from Renaissance Life company.

The program allows a client to receive a high-quality treatment of oncological diseases and illnesses requiring shunt procedures and transplantation from specialized doctors around the world with the extended insurance coverage and additional opportunities in terms of service.

The cost of «Healthcare without borders. Premium» program for the year is the equivalent of 400 euros in rubles at the rate of CBR on the date of a payment. The insurance coverage is up to 1 million rubles per year or 2 million euros at the rate of 50 rubles/1euro with the prolongation of the program. The program provides the possibility of treatment in the US; it also doesn’t have sublimits on accommodation and travel for the insured and accompanying person. The program also allows having neurosurgeries.

«When a serious illness was diagnosed, a person is often lost and doesn’t know what to do and who to turn to. Modern medicine helps to come through an illness, however, it’s extremely important to have a financial opportunity to take necessary steps as soon as possible. Health insurance is a simple and affordable way to protect yourself and your family from financial expenses and to increase chances on a full recovery in case of illness. «Healthcare without borders. Premium» is aimed at ensuring that a client can receive early diagnostics and treatment from professional foreign specialists and facilitate all organizational issues», - said Mikhail Chamrov, Head of Retail Product and Marketing Department of Rosbank.

Acquisition of «Healthcare without borders. Premium» program is available in all Rosbank offices throughout Russia.

More information about «Healthcare without borders» insurance program and exact addresses of Rosbank offices can be found on the Rosbank official website and by contacting the Call-center at 8 800 200-54-34 (Free of charge in the regions where the bank is present).

More information about the terms of insurance can be found on the link.