Rosbank offers its clients to issue tax and legal service certificates online

    13 August

From now clients have an opportunity to issue the tax and legal service certificate online on Rosbank website.

Last autumn Rosbank introduced a new service of consultations in Tax and Law issues in collaboration with National Law Service to its clients.

“Tax Help” certificate is available for a year and includes an oral legal consultation on any tax issues for individuals four times a year; the help in filling in the tax declaration and receiving tax deductions; 24/7 urgent legal consultation on any legal issues except entrepreneurship three times a day; provision of more than 100 typical agreement forms, lawsuits, warrants and other documents that are available in Personal Account on the company website One can get and submit documents, ask questions and get a consultation of a lawyer via Personal Account. There are also audio recordings of consultations available in a Personal Account. The price for certificate is 3500 rubles per year.

An extended certificate “Personal lawyer + Taxes” is also offered to clients. It includes extra options “Talk with my lawyer”, official call of a lawyer on behalf of a client, and an extended number of requests on tax and legal issues. The price of extended certificate is 5500 rubles per year.

Now it is possible to buy certificates “Tax Help” and “Personal lawyer + Taxes” online by following the link or in Rosbank outlets. If the certificates are executed online, one gets 15%discount. A premium certificate “Personal Lawyer VIP” is available only in Rosbank outlets. This certificate includes an extended service pack like, for example, the assessment of a reasonability of filing a lawsuit, consultations on the interaction with government, urgent legal support abroad or a legal support for a family member of a client. The price for this certificate is 7500 rubles per year.

Learn more about the service and terms and conditions for its execution in Rosbank outlets by following the link or contacting Call Center of the bank: 8-800-200-54-34 (24/7, the call is free in the regions of the Bank footprint).

The service is provided by LLC “National Law Service”, PJSC ROSBANK acts as an agent.