Rosbank offers online opening of deposits to premium clients

    29 October

Premium deposits have become available for opening in Rosbank Internet Bank and in Rosbank Online mobile app.

The owners of “Premium” service pack got the opportunity to open deposits with increased interest rates in dollars and rubles online any time for only several minutes. If the client opens the deposit via remote service systems, they get extra +0,1% per year to the interest rate of “Premium 150 years of reliability” and “Premium Refillable” deposits. This way, clients will get maximum interest rate for “Premuim 150 years of reliability”, up to 6,75% per year in rubles and up to 2,7% per year in dollars, if it is opened online.

Learn more about the deposits by following the link.

Moreover, the special offer in honor of Rosbank 25th anniversary is still active.