Rosbank offers special conditions for small business

    03 May

Rosbank offers special service conditions to its clients-small business companies.

The following services are now available for small business companies:

- free opening of current account;

- card verification with the examples of signatures and the copies of the full pack of documents;

- authorization in Internet Bank system.

The current account service for three months will also be free of charge.

For more detailed information on the special offer, follow the link.

Maksim Lukyanovich

Director of Small Business Department

Small business is an important part of the healthy economy of any country. That is why we do our best to make small business feel comfortable and confident. I think that our new offer for new clients will be in-demand by the entrepreneurs, taking into account recent lending rate reduction that is one of the best in the market.

Rosbank acquired the highest credit ratings of national agencies, namely ACRA on AAA(RU) level and RAEX (Expert RA) on ruAAA level. Rosbank was included in the list of 11 systematically important credit organizations by the CBR. It also heads the rating of the reliable banks according to Forbes.