Rosbank opened a Small Business Management Center in Saint-Petersburg

    28 May

The opening of the Legal Entities Management Center of Rosbank took place in St. Petersburg. The opening of the center was held remotely - in an online conference, which was attended by the  representatives of more than 20 companies of St. Petersburg among Rosbank clients, as well as by the top management of the bank. Ilya Polyakov, CEO of Rosbank, opened the Small Business Management  Center.

"I am very happy with today's opening, as well as the fact that remote interaction technologies allow us not to stand still, not to postpone projects for later and continue to support our clients in such a difficult time. On the one hand, the Small Business Management Center is opening in St. Petersburg in a physical format, and on the other hand, we are opening it today via video broadcast. I am sure that this combination of online and offline is the future",  said Ilya Polyakov. “Of course, small business is one of the main drivers in the economy of every country and today entrepreneurs need support from their partner banks more than ever. Rosbank pays special attention to working with small business companies. We constantly invest in developing teams for working with entrepreneurs, developing new products and solutions. I thank all our clients who were able to join our opening today, and wish them perseverance and optimism."

The Center will have two teams for working with small businesses: the team for attracting new customers, as well as the team for servicing current customers of the bank. In addition, managers and employees of companies will also be able to solve issues related to servicing their accounts as individuals.

Support for small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic is one of the focuses of Rosbank attention. According to a survey conducted by Rosbank among its business clients, 80% of company managers admitted that they faced difficulties, but almost all of them said that they would cope with the crisis (73%). 17% of the surveyed companies completely froze their business, 15% went online and 8% reduced their staff. The search for new ways of development and formats of interaction with customers has become a common anti-crisis measure for businesses, and for some companies – changes in the timing of implementation of already launched or planned projects and the transition to part - time work. Those companies that continue to lend during the crisis do so to replenish working capital, to pay suppliers,  to pay salaries and, on a  less extent, to develop and expand their businesses and purchase new equipment. The main question "Will the company work after the crisis?" - 54% of the surveyed businessmen answered positively, expressing confidence in the stability of the business, 25% admitted the difficulties that, however, will not prevent them from surviving the crisis, and only 18% rated the chances at 50/50.

"We are extremely happy to note that our clients are mostly optimistic about the future of their companies. I am sure that the crisis will give us more opportunities than losses: we will come out of it with a big step towards digital, businesses will reconsider their development strategies, and will approach the risks associated with unforeseen circumstances differently. The new hub for working with small businesses is located in the heart of St. Petersburg. This is a historic place for Rosbank, as it used to be the location of the BSGV (Societe Generale Vostok) office. Today, we are doing everything we can to help our clients get through a difficult time," said Dmitry Smirnov, Director of Small Business Department of Rosbank.

Rosbank Small Business Management Center is open at 17A, 2nd Sovetskaya st., Saint Petersburg.