Rosbank opens special bank accounts of E-trading system participant within 44-Federal Law and 223-Federal Law

    13 November

Rosbank opens special bank accounts of e-trading system participant for its clients within 44-Federal Law and 223-Federal Law, where companies need to transfer funds in order to provide for their applications while participating in tenders.

To open a special account, a client is to undergo authorization on an e-trading platform. Rosbank will give all the information on the account opening to each platform. From the moment of the transfer of the information on account opening by the bank, it becomes available to choose in the personal account of the e-trading participant on a corresponding platform.

Standard fees for cash management are available for the special account.

“Rosbank enters the list of the authorized banks where the funds for the provision of applications are transferred to, approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation. We signed collaboration agreements with all nine platforms and we also developed necessary software to work in them. The interaction with companies within 44-Federal Law and 223-Federal Law is one of the prior goals for Rosbank. It is very important for our clients to have a financial partner that is able to provide them with the whole range of financial services in accordance with new regulatory requirements. We also plan to broaden the coverage of our clients with the opportunity to grant access for the work in these platforms for companies”, Alexey Ievlev, Director of Corporate Direction of Rosbank.