Rosbank organized a ruble bond placement of JSC “Novaya Perevozochnaya Kompaniya” of PBO-01 series with an interest rate of 7,25% for 5 years. The demand on bonds exceeded 27 billion rubles

    21 February

On February, 20th, JSC “ Novaya Perevozochnaya Kompaniya”, a subsidiary of Globaltrans Investment PLC successfully carried out a bond placement of total nominal cost of 5 billion rubles. Warrant interest rate was determined as 7,25% per year for 5 years. The demand on bonds exceeded 27 billion rubles.

The bond issue of JSC “Novaya Perevozochnaya Kompaniya” of PBO-01 series was provided with public irrevocable offer of Globaltrans Investment PLC . The issue rating of Fitch is “BB+” and of Expert RA is “ruAA”. Bond circulation period is 5 years. 25% depreciation from nominal cost is provided on the payment date for the range from 7th to 10th warrant. Warrant period duration is 182 days. Nominal bond cost is 1000 rubles each.

The initial landmark for warrant interest rate was determined in the range between 7,50% and 7,75% per year that corresponds with the yield to maturity of 7,64-7,90%. Investors showed a great interest to the company bonds: more than 40 requests were sent from all the groups of investors (banks, investment companies, managing companies, insurance companies and private investors). As a result, the demand exceeded the offer in more than 5 times. As a result of book-building, the issuer accepted 20 requests from investors. A great interest from investment community allowed to lower marketing range three times in a row and establish a warrant interest rate as 7,25% that is a record-breaking low result for market issues of corporate borrowers.

PJSC ROSBANK organized a bond placement in collaboration with JSC VTB Capital. PJSC ROSBANK acted as a technical underwriter.

The issue placement was carried out on February, 20th, on Moscow Exchange in the First listing level.