Rosbank organized an Agile conference

    29 December

On December 21st the session of Rosbank Agile-club took place in the “Deworkacy Red October” workspace. The employees of SG Russia exchanged their experience with experts from leading Russian banks and companies in the field of business transformation employing Agile practices.

More than 180 people, including SG Russia employees and specialists from various companies participated in the session. The motto of the conference was “Business Agility: philosophy in practice” and it created the mood for the whole event where many applicable aims and solutions were considered in the agenda.

Independent experts carried out discussions on the role of the transformation in organizations. Gartner company representative spoke about the experience in Agile application. The employees of the banks spoke on the product development and application of new trends in work. In the second part of the conference the employees of SG Russia united in teams shared their experience of Agile implementation, speaking about their impressions, mistakes and achievements during the year.

“The application of Agile principles will help banks to hypothesize, develop innovational client services and check them quickly on the market. This approach complies with the requirements of the new era of Digital Banking”, Maria Vozhegova, Executive Director of Gartner in Russia.

“The discussion turned out to be very lively; we felt that the topic of transformation is close to every participant. The colleagues complemented each other, argued and gave examples from their life experience demonstrating the entire exposure of the position and knowledge of practical peculiarities of implementation. It is widely appreciated.” Elena Bronnikova, Director of Change Management Department of Rosbank.

“The changes that are going on now in the industry are inevitable. It was noticeable that participants of the conference understand it clearly. The necessity to apply “agile methods” was not already considered as such. Instead of it the questions on practices that will be more appropriate in each and every situation, on how to reorganize the processes effectively and on how to balance new principles of team work with systematic approach that is common for financial organizations were raised”, Denis Sotin, IT Director, Member of the Management Board of Rosbank.