Rosbank presented a new credit card #120podNOL

    15 July

Rosbank offers a credit card #120podNOL with a grace period of up to 120 days to customers. Therefore, it is possible to make any purchases by the card on credit and do not pay interests to the bank for almost four months.

A credit limit for #120podNOL card is defined individually for every customer. It can reach up to 1 million rubles. The service fee is not charged during the first month of use and if the sum of purchases is more than 15 thousand rubles, the card will remain free of charge. Moreover, it is possible to withdraw cash and transfer money to other cards with #120podNOL card. You can get an approval for the card online by submitting the form on the website; the issue of the card is free.

“We pay a lot of attention to the demands of our customers and we make a research for the needs of the market. Now, the key factors for the choice of a credit card are cheap or free service, long grace period and low interest rate. #120podNOL credit card combines all the characteristics and it gives us the right to say with confidence that our new offer is beneficial for customers”, Damien Leclercq, Director of  Retail Products  and Marketing Department of Rosbank.

Find more information on Rosbank website.