Rosbank presented a new investment product “RosbankSG. Expert”

    09 September

Rosbank offered a new product RosbankSG. Expert to customers. It is a new investment product developed by the analysts of Societe Generale Group together with a managing company TKB Investment Partners, one of the oldest and the largest players on Russian asset management market. A new product is available to all the premium customers of Rosbank.

The product is created in a format of structured trust management and it consists of a secured part, a bank deposit, and a risk part, an option for a stock basket taken from four large international companies. Against the backdrop of general “overheat” of a stock market, the experts of Societe Generale count on stable companies with a convenient level of debt burden, a high level of corporate management and a diversified business in  various industries and regions

The investment horizon of the strategy is 5 years. The strategy includes a yearly distribution of payments not less than 6% per year (with a payment at the end of the period) in terms of the complying with established price barriers for a stock basket. Moreover, there is a “memory effect”, in other words, a customer can get all the payments in full volume even if the stock rates were within the established price barriers only as of the date of the end of the strategy.

The structure of the strategy allows amateur investors to buy the product and a customer does not risk the sum of the invested money to the moment of the end of the active period of the product thanks to the income from the secured part of the portfolio.

“RosbankSG. Expert is an ideal solution for the customers who seek an alternative to deposits in the US dollars. We react flexibly on the current market situation by foreseeing a possible loosening of a monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve System and, consequently, the decrease of rates for deposits in the US dollars. That is why our new product gives the opportunity to get an extra profitability by investing into a reliable tool in the US dollars on a midterm horizon”, Damien Leclercq, Director of Retail Products and Marketing Department of Rosbank.

Find more information about the product by following the link.