Rosbank presented cards for small businesses with advanced features and new design

    20 February

Rosbank offered new business cards to customers-entrepreneurs with the possibility of contactless payment and a new bright design.

All the new Rosbank cards for small business have the ability to make contactless payments, that gives the opportunity to make one-touch purchases and link the card to Google Pay and Apple Pay services for paying with a mobile phone or other device with contactless payment technology (CPT). In addition, the issue of all new cards is carried out on plastic in corporate colors.

Maksim Lukyanovich

Director of Small Business Department

We at Rosbank appreciate the time and comfort of our customers and constantly work to improve the level of service. The new contactless payment technology has been introduced into new cards with a stylish design for quick and easy payment. We are confident that entrepreneurs who value every minute of their time will appreciate the convenience and speed of paying for purchases in one touch, as well as integration with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Currently, binding to contactless payment services is available only for Rosbank Visa cards. Cards of Mastercard payment system will be connected in the second quarter of 2019.

The following benefits are also available to owners of Rosbank cards for small businesses: the card is attached to a checking account, funds are credited instantly, and only a PIN code is needed to use it; replenishment of the card and cash withdrawal at ATMs is more profitable than at the bank’s cash office, while access to them is round-the-clock.

More information about card for business can be found at the link.