Rosbank proposed the improved terms for online currency exchange

    16 January

Rosbank offered beneficial terms for currency exchange in the Internet Bank and Rosbank Online mobile app to its clients. The offer is available till 15 March 2020.

Now it is possible to carry out a currency exchange by the exchange rate with a 0.5% difference for the operations up to 1 million rubles (or its equivalent in other currency). The difference for the operations above 1 million rubles is 0,38%.

A currency exchange with Russian ruble, US dollar, euro and yuan in any combinations is available to clients. British pound, Swiss franc and Japanese yen are also available for Premium clients.

“A currency exchange today is a commonplace operation that people carry out for completely different purposes. It can be for travelling, savings diversification or, for example, “exchange rate play” to get an extra income. Every time the currency exchange is preceded by the search of a bank or an exchange point with the most beneficial exchange rate and it wastes time and nerves. The comfort of our clients is our priority, that is why we made a decision to offer them a maximum beneficial exchange rate in Rosbank Online,” Damien Leclercq, Director of Retail Products and Marketing Department of Rosbank.