Rosbank registered a program for the palcement of green and social bonds

    05 March

Rosbank has registered a program of exchange-traded bonds in the amount of 60 billion rubles on the Moscow Exchange. According to the terms, the issuer can place green or social exchange-traded bonds with a maximum maturity of 7,320 days by open subscription.

On March 3, 2021, the Moscow Exchange assigned the program the registration number 4-02272-B-003P-02E to the program.

The funds raised during the placement of individual issues of the program will be used to finance and refinance projects that promote environmental protection and have a positive impact on the environment. Such initiatives should be implemented in accordance with internationally recognized principles and standards in the field of social finance and sustainable development.

"The registration of the Rosbank program on the Moscow Exchange creates extra opportunities for promoting green and social finance in Russia. The issue of green or social bonds will contribute to the development of the national sustainable development sector, possibly becoming a certain benchmark for other financial institutions on the Russian market, " commented Tatiana Ambrozhevich, Director of Debt Capital Markets Department of Rosbank.