Rosbank representatives took leading positions in TOP-1000 Russian Managers rating

    28 September

The Kommersant newspaper published the traditional ‘TOP-1000 Russian Managers’ rating that was prepared together with the Russian Managers Association (RMA). RMA annually determines the most professional managers in Russia, leaders in the different industries and areas of expertise. This year rating includes Rosbank top-managers headed by Rosbank CEO Dmitry Olyunin.

Rosbank CEO Dmitry Olyunin is included in TOP-10 CEOs of commercial banks and in TOP-250 top-managers in Russia;

Georgy Zabolotsky, the President of Rosbank, took the 2nd place among Bank Directors for Relations with Authorities;

Jean-Philippe Aractingi, Deputy CEO – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Rosbank, took the 6th place among CFOs of commercial banks;

Denis Sotin, Member of the Management Board – Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Rosbank headed the list of CIOs in Russia;

Polina Lebedeva, Director of Rosbank Legal Direction, took the 2nd place among Chief Legal Officers;

Leonid Goldman, Head of Rosbank Legal Support for Corporate Activities Department, headed the rating of Directors of Corporate Governance in the «Commercial banks» category;

Mikhail Chamrov, the Head of Rosbank Retail Products and Marketing Department, took the 8th place among Heads of Marketing in Russian companies in the «Commercial banks» category;

Elena Kojadei, Director of Rosbank Corporate Communications and Advertising Department, is on the 7th place in the category «Commercial banks» among Directors of Corporate Communications and Advertising Departments.

RMA has been publishing “TOP-1000 Russian Managers” rating, a tool for the objective assessment of the professional reputation of Russian top-managers, since 2000. It’s a unique and only research in the country which can measure the efficiency of Russian top-managers and summarize all the work identifying leaders.

The initial list includes last year laureates (200 top-managers), who are suggested to confirm their participation and nominate members of their management team. Moreover, every candidate included in the first list can nominate up to 10 new managers from other companies, who should be put in the general list of candidates.

The basic methodology is based on the rule «the best ones choose the best ones»: top-managers evaluate other top-managers. This principle helps to get the most authentic assessment of the colleagues’ professional reputation.

The whole TOP-1000 rating can be found on this link.