Rosbank’s central office of new format opened in Nizhny Novgorod

    21 December

On December 21st, Rosbank’s central office of new format opened in Nizhny Novgorod on the address - Belinskogo st., 55 a.

The service approach «one shop – one stop» is implemented in the outlet. It gives a client the opportunity to perform all types of banking operations with one manager. In the new office technical innovations are combined with comfort: WI-FI, USB-charges, a coffee-point and comfortable waiting spaces. The office is equipped with tablets, which can render assistance to clients, who, with the professional bank’s employee’s help, can master different operations in the online-bank. Clients can also leave feedback or their proposals concerning the work of the bank. All new office’s details are designed with clients’ needs taken into account. The office is equipped with the modern cash booth adapted to the work with big amounts of cash.

Upgrading the regional network structure is one of the tasks for Rosbank development plan, having been being implemented for the last 4 years. The changes in the network is dictated by the aim to the effective use of resources and the maximum load of all bank’s channels of communication with target customers. In particular, the bank deliberately ramps up potential of presence in the regions, where the bank sees perspectives for business development.

«Today we place stake on digitalization. We think that all operations, which don’t require any direct contact with a bank’s manager, can be transmitted to the distant service channel. Nevertheless, we don’t drop an idea of using advantages of the bank, which has a wide regional network in 70 country’s regions. Our new strategy will be built around the concept of the combination between personal communication with clients and digital technology. The office in Nizhny Novgorod is a perfect example of such combination», said Dmitriy Olyunin, Rosbank CEO.

Rosbank serves more than 4 million private clients in 70 regions in Russia. The bank’s network has more than 400 offices, 30 thousand ATMs of partner network including 2300 Rosbank own ATMs.

Rosbank regional network in Nizhny Novgorod includes 11 offices.