Rosbank started issuing «MIR Business» cards

    21 March

“MIR Business” card is now available for Rosbank small business clients. Earlier, business clients could draw up MasterCard and VISA cards, now “MIR Business” is also available. The card’s account is opened in rubles, purchases can be made 24/7 on the entire Russian Federation territory, also in Internet. “MIR Business” holders can withdraw cash at any ATM and also deposit to an account (at any ATMs with cash-in function) at any Rosbank’s ATM on the territory of Russian Federation.

Maksim Lukyanovich

Director of Small Business Department

We are trying to meet all the financial demands of our clients, that’s why we continue to expand the cards’ range available in Rosbank for small business representatives. Using new card “MIR Business”, it will be more convenient to pay travelling allowance, hospitality expenses to entrepreneurs, who travel a lot around Russia as well as make purchases and payments

“MIR” is the Russian national payment system, created in 2015. Last year Rosbank started issuing “MIR” cards for individuals. Holders of “MIR” cards can withdraw cash, request balance on their cards and change PIN number in the entire Rosbank ATM network, which numbers about 2200 devices throughout Russia.

More information about cards for business’ representatives can be found on the link.