Rosbank started using AI to manage retail network

    20 March

Rosbank started to use a new Location Intelligence technology of Atlas geoinformation system to manage the outlet network. The product was developed by Marketing Logic analytical company.

Location intelligence technology aggregates the data about all the outlets and units of the bank, assesses the potential and load, estimates the efficiency of potential offices judging by the data on the client activity, banks-competitors, population number, street traffic and other statistic data. As a result, the bank has a “heat” map for every presence city with the assessment of outlet allocation potential on the level of walking distance (100 m).

Vladimir Korobov

Head of Retail Network Development and Efficiency Division of Rosbank

We solve the problems on opening and reallocation of Rosbank outlets with the help of high-tech products of Marketing Logic company. The employment of modern technologies allows us to keep the high speed of development and to use science-oriented approach to the improvement of network management efficiency. We manage to make decisions more accurately and faster, to minimize errors, to plan our further actions taking into account the location potential of every sales point with the help of geodata and forecast models. We want to thank our partners for their determination in constant development of its product and be on the client side

“We significantly improved the approach to the building of forecast model in Location Intelligence direction in the frame of the functional update of Atlas system. To improve the accuracy of a “heat” map, now model unites two approaches: machine learning and expert election rules of good locations, that allows to unite stored historic data and priceless expert experience of the bank employees. By continuing to collaborate with us since 2016, Rosbank confirms the importance of the use of modern methods of special analysis and geodata for managing the network consisting of more than 350 outlets”, Dmitry Galkin, Managing Partner of Marketing Logic company.