Rosbank strengthened positions in the Russian banks media rating

    04 July

The information agency together with Medialogia company prepared the media rating of the Russian banks as of May 2016. Rosbank was ranked 11th, and raised up to 6 positions for the month. The rating is based on MediaIndex calculation which reflects not only quantitative but also qualitative presence of the company in the information field. MediaIndex also depends on the power of media, visibility and character of references, citations, and other factors.

In the middle of March Rosbank was ranked 5th in terms of the power of statement and 7th in terms of information activity, according to “Interfax-100. Banks of Russia” rating. Each press-release is reprinted 62 times on the average; the media actively use citations of Rosbank speakers in their materials that demonstrates the entirety of the company’s message reflection on each newsbreak.