Rosbank summed up the results of depositary business for 2017

    10 April

In 2017 Rosbank Depository (Societe Generale Securities Services) attracted for service a number of largest international and local clients and this way it stimulated a significant growth of client assets and transactions. In particular, the assets of Russian insurance companies that are on the service increased by more than three times and total number of depositary operations increased by 1,6 times.

These results can be explained by the depositary business-model (, that pays a lot of attention to the ensuring of high service quality and competitive service price. This approach makes Rosbank Depositary a leader in a depositary business on Russian bond market.

Being a part of global securities service business of Societe Generale – Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS), Depositary applies the best world practices in its work and offers clients a classical custodial service on the Russian and international bond market, including bond accounting, participation in corporate activities, individual schemes of Escrow accounting on M&A deals, specialized depositary services for investment funds and insurance companies and services for mortgage market actors and mortgage bond issuers.

Heads and experts of the depositary take part in key committees and managing entities of infrastructural organizations of the Russian bond market in order to stimulate the development of the bond market and promotion of interests of clients and investors who work on financial market.

Working more than 20 years on the Russian market and being one of the most reliable Russian custodians (the highest reliability category of AAA according to PARTAD), Rosbank Depositary was awarded numerous times in its history:

  • “The best custodian in Russia” according to the survey of GLOBAL FINANCE (2013-2017);
  • “The best custodian in Russia” according to the survey of GLOBAL INVESTOR / ISF (SUB-CUSTODY SURVEY 2010-2017);
  • “TOP-RATED” (2010-2015) , “Global Outperformer” and “Market Outperformer” according to the results of 2016, the highest grade in the category “Value delivered” in 2017 in the frame of the review of GLOBAL CUSTODIAN.