Rosbank supported the campaign for children with ICP “Dobroshrift-2020”

    07 October

On October 7, the International ICP Day, "Dobroshrift-2020" campaign was launched -  continuation of a unique project that helps children with ICP to receive systematic care. The project offers people and companies to use a special font within the International ICP Day (the first Wednesday of October) during a month. The font was created on the base of letters which children with cerebral palsy wrote and adapted by specialists of ParaType font design studio and Artemy Lebedev studio. The project was implemented in 2019 by SMETANA creative agency and Rosbank together with Сharitable foundation «Gift to an angel», which deals with systemic rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

By replacing usual font in logos, advertising, communications, and products with Dobroshrift, companies joined the campaign attracted more attention to the problem of cerebral palsy. The font can be used all over where text can be found: from urban environment to texts in social networks. In 2019 Rosbank was one of the first to replace the font on its official website,,  for two weeks with Dobroshrift, and this year it changed one of its signboards in Moscow to  Dobroshrift spelling, to draw attention to the problem of cerebral palsy.

In addition, anyone can join the project by ordering a hoodie or branded merchandise or donating any amount of money on the website доброшрифт.рф.

In 2019, "Dobroshrift" campaign showed inspiring results: the project covered more than 30 million people, more than 400 brands joined it. More than 16 million rubles were collected and sent to help children suffering from cerebral palsy together with Charitable foundation “Gift to an angel”.

"Rosbank in partnership with SMETANA agency and “Gift to an angel” charitable foundation   launched this project for the second year in a row. We hope that it will become the annual event and spread beyond Russia. We also hope that this year even more brands and individuals will join the project to increase the amount which  help children with cerebral palsy. Today, as part of "Dobroshrift" campaign, Rosbank supports the program "IT class". Its educational project for youngsters with cerebral palsy to learn web development, working with graphic and video editing Helping children with special needs is a part of our social mission ", Elena Kojadey, Head of Communications and Advertising Department, Rosbank.

Starting from October 7, 2020 and throughout the month, Rosbank offers you or your company to join and support the project: download Dobroshrift and use it in your communications (in advertising, company logo), order branded merchandise on the site, or just speak about Dobroshrift to attract even more attention to the issue of cerebral palsy.