Rosbank «Sverkhkarta+» headed the rating of the most profitable cards with cashback!

    26 February

BankInformService news agency created a ranking of debit cards with the best offers on cashback in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region.

Rosbank «Sverkhkarta+» became the leader of the rating for the second consecutive year.

The card allows its owner to return up to 7% of spent funds back to the account for all purchases within three months after a card activation.

Thus, for a month Rosbank client can get up to five thousand rubles cashback.

In addition, from January through March 2018 an enhanced 7% cashback operates in a category of «beauty and health» purchases, including pharmacies and clinics, which allows you to reduce your expenses during the season of winter colds.

In the same period an increased cashback is charged for services of beauty salons, hairdressing salons and etc., which is a pleasant bonus during a long festive season.

When compiling the rating a minimum amount of expenditures under which cashback is accrued, seasonal offers, limit on payments, a cost of servicing a card and a method of calculating cashback – rubles or points were taken into account. As a result, 10 debit cards with the best offers for cashback, available to a wide range of users were selected.

The full rating could be found on this link.