Rosbank will extend the remote work mode until autumn

    22 June

Rosbank decided to keep most of its employees on the remote work mode at least until September. This step is a consequence of the bank HR policy, according to which employees can choose the schedule and working hours that are most comfortable for them.

"Employees of a number of Rosbank divisions have worked remotely before. During the period of restrictive measures, we scaled up the existing remote access platform and transferred seamlessly more than 85% of our employees to remote work, using the experience we had previously accumulated. The period of self-isolation provided wide opportunities for studying all the pros and cons of remote work. Now this experience is being analyzed by the bank, and the possibility of its further application is being studied. In any case, the transfer from remote to the usual office mode will be carried out in stages, carefully, taking into account the bank focus on the safety and health of employees and clients," Maria Mosina, HR Director of Rosbank.

During the period of restrictive measures, the bank has switched most internal and external processes to remote control successfully, and the transition to remote work mode has demonstrated its effectiveness. At the same time, we see that clients are also moving actively to digital channels. The share of digital sales increased significantly in the bank – they account for almost half, namely 48.4% of all sales (compared to 31% in March). Now Rosbank clients issue 40% of cash loans, 50% of debit cards, 46% of term deposits and 76% of savings accounts via digital channels.