Rosbank will finance the business via

    18 June

Rosbank and launched a special project "Support business together" to support those who suffered from the crisis, and to preserve the economic activity of small businesses as much as possible. Participants are subject to special conditions for launching and running crowdfunding campaigns, as well as additional funding is available.

Partners invite entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in the service sector who suffer financial losses due to the coronavirus pandemic to participate in the special project.

"During the period of self-isolation, a significant part of small businesses found themselves in an extremely difficult situation. However, unfortunately, the end of self-isolation for entrepreneurs does not mean the end of difficulties. In this regard, we invite businesses from the service sector to our new project to support small businesses and social entrepreneurs "Support business together" on the crowdfunding platform Entrepreneurs are not using this tool actively yet, but we see great prospects in crowdfunding for small businesses in the current situation. We are confident that many small companies will be able to increase sales and improve their position thanks to the project", Dmitry Smirnov, Director of the Small Business Department of Rosbank.

For authors of a special project who have collected at least half of the declared amount, the total service fee of and payment systems are reduced to 10%. For entrepreneurs who have collected money in full – up to 7%. classic service fees are 15 and 10%, respectively. If the project does not achieve the financial goal, the money is returned to the participants, and the author is not charged with any fees. In addition, an advance payment is provided for the authors of this special project: when you reach 50% of the declared amount, you can withdraw the collected money and continue collecting. According to crowdfunding rules, usually the initiator of a campaign receives funds only after its successful completion.

"This is the first time we make such an exception, because we understand how many current needs business has and how important it is to put money into circulation as soon as possible. Now is the time for businesses to reach out to their loyal audience and survive with the help of grateful clients. Crowdfunding helps you build relationships with your audience, generate pre-order lists, and can also be an important financial tool in the face of declining SME lending. In addition, this special project provides additional financing for the most active companies by Rosbank, which can also be a good help for business, " Fyodor Murachkovsky, CEO and Co-Founder of

Rosbank will finance additionally at least 7 projects of the special category "Support business together” from its own funds. Additional funding will be provided to authors who have managed to attract at least 40% of the stated financial goal and who have shown the most activity during the crowdfunding campaign. The decision on the choice of companies and the amount of additional financing will be made by an independent jury. To help authors manage their projects, and Rosbank launched a series of free crowdfunding webinars. In addition, Rosbank provides information support to the participants of the special project.

The “Second Breath” foundation and charity store chain, the “Flashlight” family club of conscious parents, Belka Gastro Bar, a Moscow restaurant of author's cuisine, and other entrepreneurial projects have already launched their own crowdsourcing campaigns on loyal terms. You can apply for participation until July 13 on the site of the crowdfunding platform.