Rosbank, X5 Retail Group and National Payment Card System carried out the first operation via Fast Payment System

    11 December

Rosbank, X5 Retail Group and National Payment Card System carried out the first successful payment in industrial environment via Faster Payments System (SPB) with the help of a dynamic QR-code. Rosbank was responsible for the technical side of a С2B operation.

It is enough to scan a dynamic QR-code via Rosbank Online or a mobile app of any other bank-SPB participant and confirm the operation to carry out a purchase. SBP was the one that realized this functional. Money will be transferred from a buyer account to a legal entity account in several seconds from the moment of transfer approval in a mobile bank. A dynamic QR-code is a code where the purchase sum is already included in it and it provides the opportunity for a trade point to control the operation sum and for a buyer – only to confirm the payment sum. X5 became the first goods retailer that carried out a payment with the help of a new technology.

"What we value most at Rosbank is the convenience of our customers, both corporate and individual, and we are pleased that thanks to cooperation with X5 and NPCS, they get the opportunity to use a truly advanced service for paying for purchases. In addition, such projects are seriously changing the landscape of the Russian banking market, and we are confident that in the next few years, payment by QR-codes with the help of the Faster Payments System will firmly enter the everyday life of Russians and will become as familiar as payment by credit card”, Perizat Shaikhina, First Deputy CEO of Rosbank.

"One of the main tasks of X5 is to make shopping in our stores fast and convenient, reducing their cost to the company. With the advent of the fast payment system service, customers will have a new payment tool with a number of advantages: instant payment, user-friendly interface and no need to use a bank card. We are confident that this service will be in demand by our customers, and the company will be able to reduce the cost of banking non-cash payments in X5", Svetlana Demyashkevich, Chief Financial Officer of X5 Retail Group.

"By developing various scenarios of C2B payments, we provide users with a new convenient way to FPS cashless payment of purchases, and our partner TSP, another interesting solution for business. We are sure that over time, payment via the SBP will gain popularity in various segments, and banks and retail will continue to develop this service for their customers, making this method of payment not only convenient, but also profitable", Sergey Bochkarev, Deputy General Director of the NPCS.