Samsung Pay is now available for Rosbank Visa and Mastercard holders

    17 July

Starting from July 15 Rosbank Visa/Mastercard card holders can pay for the purchases via Samsung Pay. It is a convenient and secure mobile payment service that works at any place where the bank cards with contactless technology or a magnetic stripe are accepted, thanks to Samsung MST technology.

In order to customize Samsung Pay on your mobile device and add a payment card to it, you have to launch Samsung Pay application and set up either Fingerprint or PIN-code verification.  Then you should scan your card with a camera of your smartphone or enter its details manually, authorize using the sms-code and enter your signature with a finger or a stylus.

Samsung Pay is an easy and convenient way to make purchases on your phone. To make an in-store payment you need to swipe up the screen, select the bank card you need in Samsung Pay (up to 10 client cards can be added to the service), authorize with your fingerprint or PIN code, and hold the device up to the contactless reader. It is just as simple to purchase with a smartphone on the Internet and in the mobile apps of online stores: you just need to click "Pay Samsung Pay", enter your Samsung Account data, and then verify the purchase.

Samsung Pay transactions have several security levels. When making a payment, the service uses a special randomly created digital code- a token - instead of the actual banking  card data. The data that Samsung Pay transmits to the payment terminal is unique for each purchase and  is not repeated. The built-in Samsung Knox system, which blocks the Samsung Pay service when malicious software is detected on the device or unofficial firmware is installed on it, provides additional security. Each Samsung Pay payment transaction or money transfer is verified either by the user's fingerprint or by the app's PIN code.

"We constantly strive to improve the banking service convenience and are happy to announce that our clients can now pay for goods and services using Rosbank cards with Samsung Pay," said Lidia Kashirina, Deputy Director of Retail Client Solutions and Digital Business Department of Rosbank.