Security recommendations for Rosbank cardholders

    14 June

Dear customers,

2018 Football World Cup is held in many cities of our country. Apart from happiness, triumph, and stunning goals, this event also carries the risk of different kinds of fraud. Rosbank reminds you 12 simple rules that will keep your money safe:

Rule 1: Update your contact information for the Bank. Make sure that your Bank has your current telephone number. In case of emergency, it will be easier for the Bank to communicate with you.

Rule 2: Remember or write down the Bank contact number. It is written on the back of your card, on the Bank official website and in Rosbank Online mobile app. In case of card loss, you have to contact the Bank as soon as possible to block it.

Rule 3: Join the service of SMS-notifications about the transactions on your bank account. It will help you to control your expenses and notice some undesired operation.

Rule 4: Download Rosbank Online mobile app only from official stores like AppStore by Apple or Google Play by Android. Do not install the apps that were received through some external links. It may be a fraudulent app that gives the opportunity to get all the necessary information to manage your account

Rule 5: Remember your PIN-code, never say it to anyone and never write it down on a card.

Rule 6: Do not leave the card unattended; always keep it in your eyesight. In a restaurant, ask the waiter to bring a POS-terminal or go to the cash desk yourself to pay.

Rule 7: While paying by card, make sure that the correct sum was entered before you enter a PIN-code.

Rule 8: While shopping online, make sure that the webpage is not a fake. Do not click on the untrustworthy links. It will make your card data safe.

Rule 9: Do not use the ATM if you noticed some strange activity around it or an unauthorized devices installed on the ATM.

Rule 10: Hide an ATM/POS-terminal keypad while entering a PIN-code.

Rule 11: Never say a PIN-code or a CVC-code (three digits written on the back of a card) and SMS-codes to anyone, even if it is allegedly the Bank employee (including “security service employee” or “technical support”). The Bank never requests such information!

Rule 12: In case of card loss and undesired operations, contact the Bank as soon as possible to block the card.


Your Rosbank